The Rebirth

For years BLM has represented “Black Lives Matter” & the movement that the hashtag inspired. A decade later, we have decided that it’s time for it to mean something a bit different. When we looked at all we have done and hope to do–we realized that what we actually want to create is a community “Matrix” for Black Liberation, also known as Pan-Africanism.

As far as our role in this effort, the Black Liberation Collective has one (3-part) objective: To help Black members of the African Diaspora in Vermont realize connection in communication, service, and struggle.

We have identified our connection with each other as critical to building a future in which Black peoples in this region can thrive bodily, socially, and economically. We face many obstacles in this task of connecting, especially in Vermont. Disposability culture has us throwing away our lessons, our people, & ourselves. With that in mind, we are reorganizing ourselves around a new mission focused on…

Building & Supporting Spaces to:

  • Share stories of truth;
  • Share lessons learned in our community; and
  • Actively engage our conflicts without abandoning relationships.
With all of this in mind, here is a diagram of what parts we are currently working to build:

We definitely don’t claim to have “figured it out” and don’t have a secret recipe to “success.” But we’re trying as we know how, and allowing our struggles to inform our progress towards a collective liberation from imperialism and colonization culture in all of its toxic forms.

If you’ve gotten this far and are still interested in connecting with us, use the form below and we’ll reach back out to you within a week or two. Please don’t take our delay personally, we just suck at keeping up with email communications sometimes and wanna be up-front about that.