A Matrix is not just one effort. By definition, it is a substance or surrounding from which something else originates & develops. We believe strong community goes beyond one backyard, neighborhood, or organization. Here is a list of other kindred communities & projects we are in relationship with:


We are a learning urban homestead that centers Black & brown land-based healing & liberation, community care, and the practice of living consciously with, not over, the land or one another.

Spark Teacher Education Institute (Spark) is a program of the non-profit Educational Praxis. Spark currently offers a Teaching for Social Justice licensure program in the State of Vermont. Spark is a rigorous, field-based teacher preparation program leading to licensure in the candidate’s chosen endorsement area. The program strives to instill an understanding of self and others in conjunction with developing skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and compassion required to create an equitable and engaging learning environment for diverse learners.

Volunteers-run, Black and brown-led, direct action, mutual aid food rescue crew serving the greater Burlington Area. People’s Kitchen guerilla cooks and kitchen ninjas collect donations from local farms, co-ops, and community supporters to be prepared, cooked, and served free to everyone at rallies, protests, concerts, and community events supporting the movements for social, environmental, and economic justice.


We are a revolutionary collective of dreamers and dancers, movers, lovers, healers, teachers, and children moving Black Joy and Freedom into our BIPOC+Queer bodies and, by extension, the universal human body.

We are an organizing collective of over fifty international and interracial individuals who recognize we cannot heal ourselves, humanity, or the world alone. We are a growing community.

We are you.

As a part of our connection with SDA, we were asked to contribute to the ‘Ritual of Breath is the Rite to Resist’ project. Below is a list of Critical Confrontations we developed & engaged in during the project to support our community in healing & connection in the face of struggle. We encourage you to visit the project website and engage the beautifully crafted rituals.

Disclosure: SDA & BLC were not actively engaged in the R.O.B. production itself & the performance component of the project is not something we (BLC) endorse.