Caucus meetings title page with images representing the 5 purposes of the caucus meetings. Beginning with "Building embodied communal practices for liberation and transformation" under an icon graphic of a human body shape surrounded by stars. Underneath that is an icon graphic of a human head with gears in the place of the brain, with the words, "Practice confronting cultural racism and capitalism inside of us in healing community." To the right of that is an icon graphic of heads each within big white dots and connected to each other, with the words, "Getting to know and be known by those not otherwise connected to BLMGB and our work." Above that is an icon graphic of two hands holding a chat bubble, with the words, "Developing a shared language in describing the struggle that we're engaged in." In the center of the page is a graphic icon of who hands of different colors shaking, with the words, "Building relationships and trust."

Get Involved

Showing up for an Action Alert, Donating Books, and Donating Funds are all great ways to get involved. You can also become more directly involved by joining one of our racial affinity caucus meetings. Caucus meetings are open to the public, but if you have never been to one before, you can also fill out the form below to connect with us about it. Please read through our Agreements and Values to find out more about the group, our goals, our model of collective leadership, as well as our commitments to each other and the work we do.

Resumed April 2021:

Please join us for community healing Caucus Meetings every 3rd Wednesday on Zoom. Our goal is to take these two hours every month to find out what it really means to put our hearts into our politics and live out our shared belief in freedom. We’ll do this by engaging: 1) language & history of revolutionary struggle here on Turtle Island, and 2) embodied communal practices, in order to 3) understand, confront, and move through the impact of white supremacy culture in each of our lives and in our community.

Our gathering time begins at 6pm EST, with orientations beginning at 5:30pm. If you attended orientation in 2020, please try to attend orientation again because we’ve taken time to restructure our caucus gathering space. Orientation is required if you haven’t attended a caucus meeting in the last year. But you can still expect reflective discussions, political & physical grounding, and to be challenged with care and support.

See our Think Twice Page for this month’s topic & content.

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Next Steps

  1. Sign Up Below to Join our Meeting Info List
  2. Attend a few Caucus Meetings
  3. Complete one of our Organizing History Cadre Circles
  4. Join a Project Group and/or our Leadership Collective